Instructions For 2-Way Chat From Your Ad Listing

Provide an alternate line of communication with 2-way Chat. Customers may find it easier and less time consuming to simply ask a question via a text modality. With Chat you can answer pre-sales questions, take reservations and offer help desk services.

How it works: Customer clicks the Chat icon on your ad listing and it launches a Chat client on their desktop or mobile device. Your Windows Messenger must be signed in and set to available. Customer enters text and it alerts you to a waiting Chat session. Click accept and begin your Chat session.

Add a Chat icon to your ad listing by following these simple steps.

1. You will require a Hotmail email account. If you do not have one, click here: 

Hint: As you fill out the form, the first name is what is displayed to Customers in Chat, so if you want to show Help Desk, Support, Sales or Reservations, use these words in the first name field when you create a Hotmail account.

Login to your account. To get the HTML code for Windows Live Messenger IM Control, login to with your Windows Live ID. You will see Image #1.

Image (1) Click on Allow anyone…then click on Create HTML

Text Box: Ignore these...can do later

2.  After clicking on Create HTML you will see Image 2a.

Image (2a) Click on Status icon


Image (2b) Look at the bottom and you will see HTML code. Highlight all the code by Select All found under the Edit in the toolbar; copy and paste this code in the advertiser Adform.
3. Paste HTML code in the Advertiser Form. Login to your Adform, click on Media Bundle, paste the code in the box called Paste Chat HTML code here.
Image (3) Adform box, where to paste HTML
Click Submit listing and you will see a chat Icon on your Ad Listing. Note: By default, the Chat icon is set at 16 pixels x 16 pixels. We advise changing these numbers in the HTML code to 24 x 24 to match the size of the other Icons.