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2 lines, 4 extensions, 8 VoIP trunks, auto-attendent and voicemail. Telephones additional. Each TalkSwitch unit has capacity 4 or 8 analog or IP extensions, and 8 or 12 IP extensions. Up to four TalkSwitch units can be networked for a maximum capacity of 32 phone lines, 64 extensions and 32 VoIP trunks. 6 Reasons to Love TalkSwitch Telephone Systems: 1) UNBEATABLE VALUE - Great systems, small prices - compare the cost of TalkSwitch to other systems on the market and you'll see. Complete phone systems from US$695. VoIP phone systems from US$995. But it's more than just our low prices. TalkSwitch also saves you money. 2) RICH FEATURES - Voicemail, auto attendants, dial-by-name directory, call routing. And much more. TalkSwitch comes complete with the kind of sophisticated features that users of big business PBX phone systems take for granted. 3) OPTIONAL VoIP - Need Voice over IP? Multi-location integration? No problem; small business VoIP is here. VoIP-enabled TalkSwitch models handle both VoIP and the traditional telephone network. It's the best of both worlds in one easy-to-use phone system. 4) REMOTE EXTENSIONS - Your work doesn't stop at the walls of your office. Neither does TalkSwitch. You can add your cell phones or any other telephones, anywhere, as remote extensions of your system. TalkSwitch uniquely connects your mobile and teleworkers. 5) EASY SET-UP - Unlike other telephone systems, TalkSwitch is easy to install, saving you time and money; you can even do it yourself. And with its easily configured settings, moving employees or changing the way your phone system handles calls is a snap. 6) FLEXIBLE GROWTH - TalkSwitch has a modular architecture that lets you grow when you need to and add VoIP when you want to. Designed to maintain your investment as you grow, TalkSwitch covers from 1-64 users per location. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ System: Analog trunks 2; VoIP trunks 8; Analog extension interfaces 4; Extension capacity 16: 4 analog or IP, 12 pure IP USB interface 1; LAN interface RJ-45 Ethernet (10BaseT); Memory 2 hours; Memory expansion 1, 2, 4.5 and 9 hour memory cards; Music input Phono jack (1/8" mono) or stored .wav file PA output Phono jack (1/8" mono) or stored .wav file Power source 120 VAC, 60 Hz � In / 16 VAC, 1.5 A � Out Power-failure line to extension jacks Extension 4 connects to Line 1

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Price: $1,089.00

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