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regional ads

regional ads is a community resource website that lists businesses and area attractions, and is used by tourists and residents of geographically-centric communities - usually within a 100 mile radius and beyond the reach of "local" telephone directories. Our category business listings and consumer enabling technology allows us to market you business to a targeted, pre-disposed and needing audence subset. Basic Business Listings are free. To stand out or for additional exposure, a nominal monthly fee provides our Enhanced Business Listing or vertical banner display ads. Both of these options utilize rich media technologies. With rich media you can exploit powerful media elements such as video, audio, animation, and photo imagery as well as customized content and interactive features. Advertise in your category, or any one of the twelve.

national ads

national ads caters to a needing spending demographic of residents of communities and hotel guests everywhere. In seconds, our enabling technology categorizes where we as consumers spend money and provides information on other areas of popular interest. User session times are lengthy increasing ad exposure and click through rates. Advertisers are able to target either a broad or defined audience from choosing to advertise in 1 or all 12 interest categories. National ad space is defined as reaching all users throughout the community. Row business listing, and right reading column, rich media ad space is available from 1 to 12 interest categories.

video commercials

video commercials

We professionally record and produce commercials for business use to insert on their listing on our community concierge website, their website and for other media applications in 60 second, 90 second and 180 second (3 minute) infomercials.

HDTV LCD $487 + shipping. Add value and enhance the guest experience with high-definition TV. Olevia 527V 27 inch 16:9 w/TV Tuner (Black). Consumer Reports Magazine raved (Olevia) "has emerged as one of the best budget alternatives to major brands"...(more)

Secure your back office from your guest network with our high-power wireless access point, Firewall and Virtual Private Network (VPN) appliance that allows remote business connectivity from the comfort of your home office, management office or anywhere...(more)

$23.75 Single-Line feature phone; HI/LO ringer control; volume control; desk or wall mountable; message waiting light; available in Ash and Black....(more)



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